LIBS-6™ & LIBS-8™ Integrated LIBS Modules

The LIBS-6™ and LIBS-8™ integrated LIBS modules are designed to be a highly versatile, adaptable and upgradeable precision-engineered product. Essentially a "LIBS system building block", the LIBS-6™ and LIBS-8™ modules may be used together with a variety of Q-switched Nd:YAG lasers and optical spectrometers to form a customised LIBS system tailored to suit the requirements of your specific application or experimental research project. The LIBS modules remove the need to design and construct your own laser focussing optics and plasma light collection optics by combining these features into a compact, integrated and easy to use device which may be used "open beam" or with any of our modular sample chambers. An optional imaging kit is also available for these products. Further details on specifications are available in the product datasheet while a comprehensive guide on how to use these LIBS modules is provided in the User's Manual.

LIBS-8™ module