Hand-held LIBSCAN™ system

  • Hand-held LIBSCAN 25+ head with integral laser and high-efficiency plasma light collection optics array
  • Safety device which combines a laser beam shutter with a trigger guard and high-intensity warning light
  • Laser: 40 - 50 mJ, 1064 nm, pulse length 4 - 6 ns, max. repetition rate approx. 1.0 Hz
  • Optional fully integrated imaging camera kit for close-up colour images of the sample surface
  • 1.7 m long flexible umbilical between LIBSCAN 25+ head and instrument console
  • Instrument console contains up to six spectrometers, laser power supply, and control electronics.
  • Modular and versatile design, suitable for laboratory and field applications
  • Adjustable focus laser beam expander capable of producing a minimum spot size of approx. 50 microns
  • High efficiency plasma light collection optics (1 DUV channel, 2 UV-VIS channels and 3 VIS-NIR channels)
  • May be operated with sample chamber (to Class I laser safety standards) or without (Class 4 “open beam” configuration)
  • Gas purge feature (for connection to external inert gas supply – argon, nitrogen)
  • Designed to meet international standards on laser safety (Class 4 without sample chamber, Class 1 with sample chamber)
  • LIBSoft™ data acquisition and control software with free upgrades for 2 years
  • Requires a separate laptop or other suitable computer (contact us for minimum specification information)
LIBSCAN 25 head LIBSCAN console

LIBSCAN 25+ head

LIBSCAN 25+ console

LIBSCAN 25 head LIBSCAN console

LIBSCAN 25+ head (cut-away)

LIBSCAN 25+ in open beam mode

LIBSCAN 25 head LIBSCAN console

LIBSCAN 25+ fitted to SC-1 sample chamber

LIBSCAN 25+ fitted to SC-2L sample chamber


As per LIBSCAN 100 except:  
Laser: Nd:YAG
Wavelength: 1064 nm  
Energy: 40 - 50 mJ Rep rate: 1.0 Hz (max.)
Energy stability: <10% Pulse duration: 4 - 6 ns
Service requirement: 8Ah 12V Li-Ion battery (supplied with mains plug-in charger and vehicle cigar lighter socket charging lead)


LIBSCAN head: 340 x 100 x 140 mm, weight: ~2 kg
Spectrometer console: 500 x 320 x 160 mm, weight: ~12 kg