Stand-off LIBS for security and protection

Applied Photonics Ltd has been supplying Stand-Off LIBS (ST-LIBS™) systems since 2001. Initially these systems were for use in the remote characterisation of highly-radioactive materials (nuclear fuel reprocessing operations) but in more recent years the principal application area has been, and continues to be, in security and protection. A Stand-Off LIBS system may be defined as a LIBS instrument capable of remote, non-contact material detection / characterisation over a distance of at least several metres. We have recently supplied an ST-LIBS™ system with a range capability in excess of 100 metres.

Gen 4 field trials ST-LIBS Gen 2 system

Applied Photonics Ltd can supply customised ST-LIBS™ systems designed to suit the specific requirements of the customer. Since 2005, we have supplied five ST-LIBS™ systems to U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and two other systems to commercial organisations in the USA. These have included laboratory prototypes through to ruggedized, field-deployable systems, and have utilized various laser wavelengths including 1064 nm, 355 nm and 1543 nm ("eye-safe").