Example Applications

This section of our website is under construction and so more information will be added in due course.

There are numerous applications of LIBS reported in the scientific literature during the last six decades, although LIBS is still regarded by some as an “emerging technology”!  It is true that widescale routine use of LIBS technology has not yet happened although there are many niche areas where it has proved its worth, not least in the nuclear industry.  Scientific research and application development in the LIBS field, however, has grown significantly during the last decade or so, as evidenced by the growing number of publications.

This section of our website will include a summary of applications of LIBS that either we have conducted ourselves or who customers of our LIBS instruments have conducted.  Our R&D work on LIBS has largely centred on nuclear industry applications which is discussed elsewhere in this website.  A selection of published work by our customers is given in the following document:
Publications where APL products have been used