Installation & Training

We offer a free-of-charge training service for customers of our LIBS instruments whereby they can either visit us at our premises in the UK or we conduct training remotely via a teleconference call.  Although it is not always necessary for us to conduct the installation of the LIBS equipment at the customers facility (we supply detailed User’s Manuals which cover the setting up and use of the LIBS equipment), we do offer an optional chargeable service whereby one of our engineers visits the customer to conduct installation and training over a period of a few days.  We have conducted on-site installation and training in many countries around the world including USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Turkey and several European countries.

Training conducted at a customer site in Vilnius, Lithuania

Installation of a mobile Stand-Off LIBS instrument for field trials at Fort Irwin, California, USA

For custom-designed and/or highly specialised LIBS instruments, it is normal for us to provide on site installation and training as part of the scope of supply of the LIBS equipment. For our standard laboratory benchtop LIBS instruments, please contact us should you have any questions about our Installation & Training service.