LIBSoft 2020 is an application developed by Applied Photonics Limited to provide configuration and control of all functionality of our range of modular LIBS instruments. The Lite version facilitates the display and manipulation of both acquired and saved spectra whereas the Full version provides enhanced analysis features including peak and element identification and the generation and application of quantitative calibrations.

We can also provide Plasus SpecLine, a third party application which includes a database of emission lines for atoms and ions and data on certain “simple” molecular emission lines that are relevant to LIBS and can be used for the qualitative analysis of spectra.

Catalina Scientific's KestelSpec application is provided with the EMU spectrometer and is used in conjunction with LIBSoft to provide control of systems including this spectrometer. KestrelSpec is also used in isolation to calibrate the EMU spectrometer and also provides options for advanced configuration and the post-processing of spectra.