We offer a range of LIBS products from laboratory bench-top instruments to industrial installations.  This section of our website provides detailed information on these including, where appropriate, downloadable datasheets and User’s Manuals.  We have categorised our LIBS and related products as follows:
Laboratory LIBS instruments    Nuclear industry LIBS instruments    Custom-designed LIBS instruments    Software  
Laboratory LIBS instruments
Our laboratory LIBS instruments adopt a highly modular design which allows multiple configurations to be realised.  Furthermore, our modular design allows the user to make future upgrades, for example, by purchasing an additional sample chamber and/or spectrometer(s).  Our most popular laboratory LIBS instruments are based on our LIBS-6 and LIBS-8 modules, the design and function of which are explained in detail later in this section of our website.  For a more integrated laboratory LIBS instrument, we offer our LIBSCAN range of products.  These adopt many of the design features of our fully modular LIBS-6 and LIBS-8 products but have somewhat reduced flexibility in terms of choice of laser and/or spectrometer, as is explained in the relevant pages of our website.
Nuclear industry LIBS instruments 
Our nuclear industry LIBS products are, by their nature, highly specialised and so are designed to suit each particular application.  They can be of the FO-LIBS design or the ST-LIBS design, or variations / combinations of these two general design types.  Examples of these are given in the following pages of our website.  You may also wish to review the Nuclear Industry Applications page of our website under Services. 
Custom-designed LIBS instruments
In a similar way to our nuclear industry LIBS products, we offer a custom design service where we design a LIBS instrument to the customer’s specifications. These may be for a laboratory application, an industrial application or a defence application. Some examples of these are given in the following pages of our website.
For our LIBS products, we offer our own software called LIBSoft.  This is available in two versions:  LIBSoft Lite and LIBSoft Full.  LIBSoft provides control of the various devices used in the LIBS instrument (e.g. laser, spectrometer, translation stages, camera, etc).  In addition to our LIBSoft software, we also offer a third-party software package for post-processing of LIBS spectra.  This is called SpecLine AM and is produced by Plasus GmbH who are based in Germany.
Optical enclosures and breadboards
We also manufacture various designs of optical enclosure and optical breadboards.  We have a standard range of enclosures (System 600 and System 750) but we also offer custom designs based on a customer specification.