Laboratory LIBS instruments

We offer two general types of laboratory LIBS instrument both of which use a modular design – i) our fully modular LIBS instruments based on the use of either our LIBS-6 or LIBS-8 modules and ii) our LIBScan range which offer a more integrated product but with somewhat less versatility and flexibility than our LIBS-6 / LIBS-8 configurations.  The basic design in terms of the laser beam expander and plasma light collection optics is common to both types of laboratory LIBS instrument.  The ability to use any of our modular sample chambers is also common to both.  The primary difference is that our LIBSCAN range uses an enclosed laser head, fibre-optic cables and associated electrical cables and is dedicated to a selected range of lasers and spectrometers whereas our LIBS-6 / LIBS-8 configurations use open laser heads, fibre-optic cables, etc and offer more choice in terms of the laser and the spectrometer.  Accordingly, our most popular laboratory LIBS instruments are those which use the LIBS-6 / LIBS-8 modules.
Typical LIBS-6 / LIBS-8 configurations Typical LIBSCAN configurations

Typical LIBS-6 / LIBS-8 configuration
Note the exposed laser head, optical fibres, etc
Typical LIBSCAN configuration
Note the enclosed laser head, optical fibres, etc
The general design, configuration and operation of our range of laboratory LIBS instruments is explained in more detail in the following pages of this section of our website.  Examples of typical configurations are given, along with product datasheets, user’s manuals and example test reports.  Indicative prices for selected configurations are also provided where possible and appropriate.