Nuclear industry LIBS instruments

LIBS instruments for nuclear industry applications are highly specialised and are invariably custom-designed to suit the needs of the particular application.  Although most of our work for the nuclear industry is service provision (Services / Nuclear Industry), APL has supplied a number of LIBS instruments for installation at radiation hot cell facilities in the UK and overseas.

An overview datasheet on our nuclear applications of LIBS is available here:
Nuclear Applications Datasheet

A detailed summary report on APL’s nuclear work between 1998 and 2016 is available here:
Summary of APL nuclear work (1998 – 2016)

Hot cell LIBS instruments, Sellafield

Our most recent installation is at the Sellafield nuclear plant in the UK which consists of two custom-designed hot cell LIBS instruments for Post-Irradiation Examination (PIE) of specific materials.

Further information on these two LIBS instruments is given in the following datasheet and poster presentation:

Hot cell LIBS instruments at B13 Windscale Laboratory (Sellafield)


Hot cell LIBS instrument (KAERI, Republic of Korea)

During the period 2013 – 2014, APL supplied and installed a Fibre-Optic LIBS instrument at the Irradiated Materials Examination Facility (IMEF) for the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) at the Daejeon facility in South Korea.

Images of the LIBS instrument rack unit (left and centre) and during installation at IMEF (right)

Further information on this LIBS instrument is given in the following datasheet:

Fibre-Optic LIBS instrument at the IMEF (KAERI, South Korea)
Reference: “Applications of remote LIBS deployment for safeguards of nuclear materials within a hot cell environment”, International Conference on Laser Applications in Nuclear Engineering 2013 (LANE 13), Bo-Young Han, Y.S. Kim, H.S. Shin, H.D. Kim (KAERI), Y. Lee (Mokpo National University), Andrew I. Whitehouse (Applied Photonics Ltd, UK)

Shielded glovebox LIBS instrument at Dungeness B Power Station (UK)

During the period 2013 – 2016, APL supplied a custom-designed Stand-Off LIBS instrument for use at the Dungeness B nuclear power station (EDF Nuclear Generation).
(Left) CAD illustration of the Neutron Scatter Plug Handling Facility (NSP HF) with a
close-up view (right) of the LIBS instrument integrated with the shielded glovebox
Further information on this LIBS instrument is given in the following datasheet: